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This new Revolutionary App will bring posts from locations near you or from around the world and in the same time will take your post globally. You are in charge of what you want to view. Post your stuff in your neighborhood, San Antonio Texas or Paris France.

Designed for Multi Platforms

All You Want From an App
to Buy & Sell Locally or
Around the Globe

Let's DEAL uses the latest Geo Technology to find items for sale be it around you or anywhere you specify around the globe. You may list your items in any Geographic location of your choosing.

As Easy as 1-2-3

Just snap a photo or more of your item from the in-app camera or upload from your gallery. Press NEXT, enter few details including price and geographic location of where you want your post to appear. Press POST .. and you're done!

Post Locally or Anywhere in the World

Choose the location where your item will be visible, your neighborhood or any location on the globe.

True Geo Filtering

With your finger or by typing any city name in the world and the app will show you what items are posted there. Refine your search by setting the distance radius slider. example: You are in New York and you can focus the search to a 50 mile radius from downtown London in United Kingdom.

Chat LIVE with Buyers and Sellers

Just press the Chat button to strike a conversation with the post owner, write a message and your counterpart will immediately be notified by push notification on his mobile device.

Make an Offer

Select Make an offer from the item that interests you, specify your price and wait for the Seller's reply.

Accept & Manage Trades

Post your item with Trade option turned on and it is then up to you to accept or reject a trade offer.

Follow & Get Followed

Follow your favorite Sellers and have others follow you, that way you will be the first to know of their offerings.

Fixed Price Option

Select Fixed Price to let others know that you are firm on your price.

Promote your Post

Must Sell and Boost. Two features to promote your post for higher visibility and ranking.

3-Level User Verification

For added safety, we have added a three-level User verification, mobile number, email and Facebook.

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Explore the Amazing Features

  • Easy, Simple and Full of new and essential Features

  • Use your mobile device camera or photo gallery to add up to 5 photos

  • Perfect for both individuals and retail business owners that want to advertise their special deals

  • Change your current location in a snap and explore deals around the world

  • Edit, delete or add photos to your post in a snap

  • Turn on "Exchange to Buy" to accept trades. Turn On and Off "Fixed Price" when you are firm on your price

  • Easily see how many views a post has got and how young or old a post is

  • Leave your own comments on a post and review comments left by others

  • Many Categories to Choose From Including VAPE

  • Follow your favorite Sellers and get followed

  • See who is following you, see who liked your post and contact them

  • Filter posts by Location, Distance, Category, Popularity and many more filter settings within your finger tips

  • Available for FREE for iOS and Android Devices as well as the Web

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